Music is such a neat universal language that speaks to the soul. I don’t claim to be incredibly talented in music production, nor have I composed or created full songs, but I deeply enjoy the process of putting the right instruments and melodies together to make it sound good.

trust the cosmos didn’t end up being a full song, but it’s just a fun sound that I enjoyed making. Maybe it’ll turn into a full song someday, maybe it won’t. 🤷 To me, the most important part of anything creative isn’t the result, but instead, the process itself (shoutout to Rick Rubin’s book A Creative Act for the insight on this).

vibe stroll was the first piece I decided to publish on Soundcloud. While working, I love listening to ambient music by artists like General Fuzz, Spiritualized, ford., and The Album Leaf, among others. This was my first take on an ambient song.