Scissor Bros T-Shirt Sequence (Ep 140 challenge)

Scissor Brothers is one of my favorite video podcasts. I know that I can always trust it for light-hearted, fun entertainment to make me laugh.

As any Scissor Sibling knows, cohosts Jeremiah Watkins and Steebee Weebee routinely partake in a challenge as part of their weekly Scissor Brothers episodes on YouTube. I’m always excited to see what challenge they’ll develop next.

This week was no different.

In episode 140, their producer, Ryan, came up with yet another fun challenge. [Spoilers ahead]

The Challenge: Out of 30 Goodwill t-shirts, whoever can put on 16 first wins.

The loser must do the rest of the episode wearing all of the shirts they put on during the challenge.

This was a fun challenge to watch, as they were both laser-focused and determined to quickly layer on as many shirts as possible. As I was watching, I was trying to pay close attention to the design of each shirt that was being put on as a fun add-on to the already entertaining challenge. It was difficult for me to pay close enough attention to that while watching the episode in real-time, but I was curious.

Because I deeply respect the creativity and ingenuity that these guys provide the world regularly (and because I somehow get drawn to weird projects like this) I decided to break it down and screenshot each shirt that the duo added on during the challenge. As we all know, Steve was dialed in and smoothly beat Jeremiah by 3 shirts.

Steve’s Shirts (16)

Jeremiah’s Shirts (13)

At the end of the challenge, they managed to unintentionally strike some fun poses, too.

Of course, if you haven’t yet, be sure to support the Scissor Brothers by buying some merch! Also, if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, here is the challenge: