Consciousness, visualized

This image bounced around inside my head for several weeks before it became a reality. Through meditation over the past few years, I started to realize that there was some profound difference between our thoughts and the real ‘us’. But I only started clearly picturing it like this while reading A New Earth by Eckhart

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The Sauna and Change

To me, the “dessert” of any good gym workout is a 15-minute dry sauna session.  Sweaty and zen.  This morning, I had the sauna to myself. After spending over an hour in a buzzing gym with my headphones blaring pump-up music, it was nice to experience some solitude. Although I love music, I force myself

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Mental health cleanse

Over the past 10 years of being aware that mental health is something that we should pay attention to, I have found myself acquiring tools to add to my proverbial mental health toolbox. Each of these tools has been proven multiple times to improve my mental health. That can mean anything from gaining more fulfillment

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Frankly my dear…

This was another one of those silly ideas that just came to mind and I couldn’t let go. For some unknown reason, the actual phrase “…don’t give a damn” wasn’t even the first step in this idea. The full quote “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a ham” came to me all at once. And

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Just start

Have an idea? Start. Many of us tend to overanalyze new ideas to the point of killing them. The problem with this is that the idea may have had serious unknown potential had it been acted on, but that chance wasn’t taken, so the world will never know. In his tweet, Andrew Kirby mentions the

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