The Sauna and Change

To me, the “dessert” of any good gym workout is a 15-minute dry sauna session. 

Sweaty and zen. 

This morning, I had the sauna to myself. After spending over an hour in a buzzing gym with my headphones blaring pump-up music, it was nice to experience some solitude. Although I love music, I force myself to leave my phone and headphones in the locker before going into the sauna – something about wanting as organic of an experience as I can each time, rather than tainting it with something artificial.

As I sat there half-nude, I focused on the smell of the cedar, the feeling of the heat on my skin, the sparse sounds of a men’s locker room muffled by the glass door, and of course, beads of sweat dripping one by one. Perhaps because I leave my electronics behind, in the sauna, I tend to feel a sense of solace, zen, introspection, and relaxation.

15 minutes of pure peace.

…until another big sweaty guy flings open the door.

“Heya partner! How’s your day goin’?”

The moment has changed.

It isn’t worse. But it’s different.

I lean in and talk to this friendly fella who is so zealously making my acquaintance.

This experience reminded me that the only constant is change.

What is your equivalent of my sauna sessions? Maybe your:

  • Family Chrismas traditions
  • Day-to-day lifestyle
  • Health 
  • Job
  • Favorite sports team

Here is your gentle reminder that those things will change at some point.

For many, that can be a tough pill to swallow. But it’s the hard truth.

And change isn’t necessarily bad. But it is different.

Great, so what should I do about that?

It’s simple. Recognizing that the moment is bound to change encourages us to focus on enjoying the present moment more.

Next time I’m in the sauna by myself, I’m going to take a slightly deeper breath and express just a bit more gratitude for that moment.

And when the moment changes, I’ll recognize that, lean in, and be grateful for the new moment.